The Social Simulation Week is a global virtual event on 14-18 September 2020 launched by ESSA-The European Social Simulation Association to celebrate the role of social simulation research in improving our understanding of societies, economies and cultures. The event brings together scholars, professionals and practitioners who want to share their recent research in a collaborative framework, in form of virtual workshops, tutorials, webinars, interviews and social media activities.

The week will have an official calendar approved by the ESSA Management Committee, who will review all proposals. If you want to participate by organising a virtual workshop, a webinar, a lecture, an interview or any other relevant activity, please, respond to the call for events by submitting your proposal here:

The proposal must include: the type of proposed event (i.e., workshop, tutorial, webinar, interview, etc.), the title and short description, a list of expected speakers/participants (either individuals or research groups), at least three time slots (add Time Zone) of the 14-18 week in which you could set up the event, and one/two chairs (with email addresses).

We strongly encourage proposals including collaboration from different groups/teams on key challenges, such as COVID-19 pandemic, socio-ecological systems’ resilience, political polarisation, socio-political conflicts, institutional and organisational change, but all topics are welcome.

Note that we will provide technological facilities to run online meetings to all event organisers. The only requirement needed will be to have a webcam, a microphone and the software used installed on a computer. No cost for the organisers.

The deadline to submit your event proposal is on 31 May 2020.